Re: Gates takes swipe at Apple, Linux security

From: Christopher Browne (
Date: 02/14/04

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    Date: 14 Feb 2004 15:52:00 GMT

    Clinging to sanity, (Huge) mumbled into her beard:
    > NeoSadist <> writes:
    >>Christopher Browne wrote:
    >>> After a long battle with technology, "steve h."
    >>> <>, an earthling, wrote:
    >>> This is news, after two weeks? :-)
    >>> What is quite clear is that Windows suffers from a number of
    >>> _incredibly huge_ security flaws that reach deeply into the system
    >>> design.
    > [19 lines snipped]
    >>Yeah ... the only way they could make a better OS is by using a FreeBSD or
    >>Linux kernel,
    > That's hardly the *only* way.
    > What they would have to do is actually start designing in security over
    > bells and whistles, and Gates would *never* do that.


    What they actually did was to take a reasonably secure kernel, and
    make the system _insecure_ by virtue of the bells and whistles that
    they added.

    It is quite possible that the design of the NT kernel provides
    something _more_ secure than the design of Unix.

    That's a disputable matter, but if we were to agree, provisionally,
    that NT was originally a more secure system than Unix, the fact that
    what security NT provided was squandered makes any would-be NT
    advantage irrelevant.

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