Re: putting linux in another hard drive in PC with XP box(OT)

From: René Kjellerup (
Date: 02/05/04

Date: Thu, 05 Feb 2004 22:47:47 +0100

Ben Measures wrote:
> curious wrote:
>> I have Pnetium 4, Dell PC (came with windows 2000) with XP installed.
>> 256 RAM; 1.3 GHZ. Hard drive (C) is 40GB. Currently I have SyGate
>> firewall installed for XP. I use Norton AV. Other tools used include
>> CWShreeder, AdAware, Spybot, SpywareBlaster, taken from a suggestion
>> given in
>> I have an extra slot where I can put a DVD or another hard drive. I
>> Q3:
>> As the frist step, my plan is to have Linux operating system available
>> at home.
> Good plan.
>> If I were to get another hard drive, what size should I buy (I knwo
>> the required size depend on the distros; I am asking what size SHOULD
>> i get so that it won't become small soon for me as I plan to use
>> Oracle with it and also more stuff later...
> It actually depends on what you want to do.
> If you just want to get deep down into the internals of a Linux
> distribution (and *really* do some learning) then an old 4G HDD should
> suffice.
> However, for a fuller experience of all the Graphical Applications that
> the Linux environment has to offer, you should aim for a 10G HDD (or 20G
> one to be on the safe side).
> Of course, music and videos take up the same amount of space whatever
> the OS, so if you want to be doing this then you should go as big as
> your wallet will allow. (250G anyone?)
I've seen 16T some where for something a little short of 10,000 £
can't remember where though :)


sry couldn't help it.

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