Re: SysAdmin Survey. How does your org assign responsibilities?

From: Rodrick Brown (rbrown_at_[remove)
Date: 01/09/04

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    Date: Fri, 09 Jan 2004 04:00:40 GMT

    I'n my department we currently support 250 or so UNIX servers. 90% Solaris
    10% Linux on mainframe.

    Our group UNIX infrastructure has about 20 sysadmins split in 4 groups

    Operations (5) Monitoring, Level 1 trouble shooting, system patching, tape
    monkeys, server racking etc..
    Production Support (7) Application/System administrators "Web
    Servers,DBA's,Middleware apps etc.."
    Product Specilist (4) Big Iron, Clustering, BigIron Storage (SAN)
    Project Leads (4) System Architects

    I think this model works really well every now and then we give the Jr guys
    more responsibilites and as new projects come in everyone plays a part keeps
    the structure very well.

    - RB

    "John Smith" <> wrote in message
    > Quick survey, for medium to large businesses or organizations. How is
    > to equipment for configuring/troubleshooting assigned where you work?
    > your company split responsibility between different servers, equipment
    > locality? If so what is the staff to server/node ratio?

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