Re: Redhat 9 security default install

From: Seth Morecraft (
Date: 01/08/04

Date: 9 Jan 2004 02:41:27 +0800

iceman wrote:
> What is the security like for a Redhat 9 machine with a default install
> and the firewall set to high?

You can check the exact settings by looking in /etc/sysconfig/
This is run out ot /etc/init.d/intables
If I recall correctly- the 'High' settings blocks the standard service
ports, but these files will tell you for sure.

>Where can I view the logs of attacks on the
> comuputer?

You can check the logs in /var/log - Redhat Specific: /var/log/messages
You should also check out Redhat's security recommendations for services
when you install - depending on what you are using the computer for.
Good luck.


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