Re: Does FreeSwan work with Cisco 3000?

From: Jim Patterson (
Date: 01/07/04

Date: Wed, 07 Jan 2004 00:33:35 GMT

somebody wrote:
> Since the version of Cisco's VPN software no longer works
> with newer versions of GCC, and we don't have a contract
> to obtain the latest version, I've been trying to use
> FreeSwan to connect to our VPN concentrator, which is
> a Cisco 3000. I'm trying to connect from my home Comcast
> home network to our LAN at work. The IP address of the
> machine I have FS installed on is The IP
> address of the Cisco concentrator is Previously,
> after connecting, I would be on the 172.16 network.
> Listed below is my connection for this from /etc/ipsec.conf.
> After issuing a "ipsec setup start", I then try to
> connect using "ipsec auto --up work". When I do this,
> I receive the message `021 no connection named "work".
> What am I doing wrong here?
> -Thanks
> conn work
> type=tunnel
> left=
> leftsubnet=
> ##leftnexthop=
> right=
> rightsubnet=
> rightnexthop=
> auto=add
> authby=mypass
> keyexchange=ike
> pfs=yes
I can't speak authoritatively on your setup, but your error message has
to do with this file. I have had similar problems with the freeswan
conifiguration file.

Does conn start in the first column?
Did you use any editors which might place hidden characters in the
document? (I did this once and had a friend do it also, I've never
touched a freeswan config file with anything but vi since)