Re: How secure would chrooted ssh be?

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Date: 11/15/03

Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2003 16:44:19 -0800

In article <>, Tim Haynes wrote:
> There are two other systems for virtualising linux, that come with
> little/no performance overhead. First, ctx/vserver patches - see

Thanks for these pointers. I may try them out myself.

> importantly, the site above has a paper with graph of performance of
> VMware, UML and Xeno for a variety of tasks (standard machine performance

I was quite shocked to see the relative standing of UML, often worse
than VMware! I've not tried VMware myself, but I expected it to have
much greater overhead than UML.

BTW I did try the UML on the P166 as mentioned previously, and it felt
sluggish (as one might expect.)

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