Re: gentoo you decide

From: Dale Pontius (dale_at_edgehp.invalid)
Date: 11/13/03

Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2003 04:41:27 GMT

In article <>,
        Tim Haynes <> writes:
> (Michael Erskine) writes:
>>> > And well.. the idea of needing to compile everything doesn't sound
>>> > comforting to me :)
I'm looking at moving to Gentoo, at least partly because it seems like
it would bring back some fun again, rather than wading through rpm
h311, like I have been with RedHat, lately. It also sounds like the
best choice to have my nForce2 board working well, easily. I don't
count clock-time compiling against Gentoo, only my time at the console.
I trust it's largely start-and-come-back-later?

But I also like keeping ONE distribution in the house, so I'm not
losing details and misadministering the odd box. Are there really
inherent security problems with Gentoo? (At least this is all behind
a Netgear router, though I plan to forward some ports.)

Some of this thread seems decidedly against Gentoo for security, as
well as developer attitude.

>> Tim is BACK!!!!! Where the heck is that darned aussie!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> Tim has been around for a while ;)
>> Hi Tim. I looked at the pics and I really liked the ones you referenced
>> but what the HECK was that thing in the BW pics? It seemed to be moving
>> boats?
> The Falkirk Wheel, <>, apparently. Still
> prefer my larger pics of it on a misty morning though :)
Wish they had a bit better pictures on the web. (as opposed to for

Along that line, have you ever heard of the Peterborough Lift Locks?
A pair of giant pans on hydraulic rams, one at high-level, one at
low-level. Let an extra foot of water into the high pan, open the
hydraulics, and it goes down, pushing the low pan up. Let a foot of
water out of the now-bottom pan and a foot of water into the now-top
pan, and you're ready to go, again. The water dominates the weight of
any acceptable boat load.

Dale Pontius