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From: Alberto Rossi (
Date: 11/09/03

Date: Sun, 09 Nov 2003 13:40:52 +0000

UoVoBW wrote:

> Hello NG
> I need help about setting up a firewall on astand alone PC using RH9.
> I heard that usually people use a separate computer as a firewall but i
> can't afford one and i probably won't need one.

You can just use an old computer as a firewall. My own network has an old
Celeron 300Mhz with 32Mb SDRAM and 5gb of HDD space! I think that's enough.

Non occorre chissą che mostro per un firewall... Puoi usare un vecchio
scasseotto come ho fatto io! Celeron 300Mhz, 32Mb di SDRAM e HDD da 5 gb...
Basta e avanza!

> So i need to set a firewall up on my machine in rh9.

Why don't you use iptables?

Perchč non usi iptables?

> I searched the web on google and so on on many other howtos but all of
> them spoke about doing it on a separate pc, whic I wont do.

With iptables you can use the same pc.

Con iptables puoi fare tutto su un solo computer come con 2! Devi solo
attivarlo nel kernel e impararti i comandi con qualche howto...
> Thank you very very much for any help
> ps (sorry for the english but i'm italian)

I'm italian too

Pure io sono italiano!! Tu da dove sei?
> Bye


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