Re: renattach 1.2.0rc1 - Filter that renames/deletes dangerous email attachments

From: Nico Kadel-Garcia (
Date: 11/01/03

Date: Sat, 1 Nov 2003 09:45:58 -0500

"Michael Erskine" <> wrote in message

> No, you're no more experienced and no more of a fixture here than I am
> or in comp.os.unix or in any number of other groups. You have a
> network, whooo rah! There are more than one of us here who have
> networks to maintain. I trust your user base doesn't extend to 2000
> people, but I suppose it could. I trust your user base is in a nice,
> orderly environment, like a business, mine user base is at an ISP.
> Admittedly I have a small network to maintain, we only have two T-1's,
> about 150 DU subscribers, a dozen or so SDSL subscribers, and a couple
> of dozen wireless subscribers... BUT LADY I BUILT IT FROM THE GROUND
> UP... so kindly let the air out of your head and join the group.

That's nice. I've also built a few mixed networks, in scientific and
commercial implementations. Many (though not all) email attachment filters
not only rename the attachment file, they actually munge the attachment
wrapper to insure that the Microsoft "open me! open me! spread me out and
run my code, big boy!" behavior gets fully disabled. Unfortunately, some
companies use that sort of foolishness in their email as part of a "package"
to "ease customer use of their services". There's a reason American Airlines
got used for the 9/11 bombings: security has never been a concept in their
company until imposed by outsiders.

And Michael? Calling someone named "Nico" a lady will get you seriously
killed in some Hispanic neighborhoods.

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