Re: martian destination

From: David (
Date: 10/23/03

Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2003 09:33:46 GMT

Use the ip address of the actual adapter as opposed to the loopback address.

> I am trying to forward all connections on port 33060 to port 3306.
> This is so that I can open 33060 - not standard port - but not have to
> change services to use that port.
> When I try and connect however dmesg reports:
> martian destination from xxx.yy.xx.yy, dev eth0
> I did see a message saying this was some built in protection from the
> kernel. My question is how should I be doing this?
> I am using gShield and I have this entry in my forwards file:
> 0/0 both 0/0:33060

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