Re: Unknown entry in Apache log

From: Peter Rehäußer (
Date: 08/31/03

Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2003 16:06:45 +0200


I suppose this is a little attack. I think you have more than one entry like
this one in your log file.

The attacker tries some common paths/commands to hack your system.

"William Warren" <> schrieb im
Newsbeitrag news:3Vo2b.193175$Oz4.52399@rwcrnsc54...
> Thanks for helping me with this problem.
> I just got the following entry in my Apache log (IP address is genuine,
> .br). I don't find it on the Symantec site or via Google search, and I
> welcome any advice on what it is or why it would be on port 80.
> - - [24/Aug/2003:18:50:39 -0400]
> "\x92X\xf1\xef\xeb\xdf4\x86\b\t X" 400 -
> I appreciate your help. I have set the followups.
> Bill
> --
> William Warren
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