Re: VPN, NAT and LDAP or FTP

From: René Matthäi (
Date: 08/13/03

Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2003 12:02:23 +0200


Xyerp wrote:
> Solution for what? What is it that you are trying to achieve? I cannot
> understand what you are trying to ask - anyone else?

Want to connect two NATed intranets with VPN GWs inside the intranets
"completely" transparently. At least FTP, LDAP, H.323 should work
without proxies. Moreover, there are road warriors connecting (even with
Pocket PCs or Symbian-based mobile devices).

I am looking for solutions that provide for the above. I have the
"impression" that this can only be done with (v)tun (resp. OpenVPN),
CIPE, tinc(??) or IPSec over L2TP (not L2TP over IPSec).

I think that such a setup is REALLY not to uncommon, is it?


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