Re: Linux and security

From: H. S. (
Date: 07/28/03

Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2003 13:05:47 -0400

Johannes H. Ahlmann wrote:

>>If the answers are supposed to be obvious, excuse my ignorance :)
> no they weren't, but try some googling - it really helps :-))

Thanks for the explanation. Yes, I do Google. A lot! Without google, I
would still be struggling to understand how to change mozilla fonts, or
install a nic, or use gdb, or compile programs with gdb flags, or use
emacs to compile LaTeX files, or use xfig, or plot my results with
gnuplot, or make carefull shell scripts to run my simulations, or deal
with ps and eps files ........ I have just started, but i am sure you
get my point :)

I just read these works (ACL and SELinux) and google ocurred to my mind,
but I just thought of asking. Oversight, lazyness, on my part I admit.


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