Re: 512/1024 again: Mounting old serpent encrypted volumes on newer crypto kernels

From: Mike (
Date: 06/06/03

Date: 5 Jun 2003 21:08:35 -0700

Boy, it's hard to convince the crypto people that that 512 IV decision
had serious repercussions.

I can't access my old Serpent loopbacks anymore! bad bad bad (Mike) wrote in message news:<>...
> I know that the block size for encrypted volumes have recently been
> adjusted from 1024 to 512.
> The result is that on a newer kernel with all the cryptographic
> patches appied, I can't loop-back mount a volume that is encrypted (in
> my case Serpent).
> Some files are partially readable, but things are really scrambled up.
> Do we finally have an option to specify the block size in losetup and
> perhaps propagated through mount, so that people that want to use old
> encrypted backups in newer kernels can use it?
> It is a *MAJOR* pain to have rely on an older kernel 2 years from now
> if I need to access my encrypted backups from last year.
> -Mike-