Re: nmap question

From: Torsten Kaiser (
Date: 05/08/03

Date: Thu, 08 May 2003 05:30:00 +0200

Hello Ryan,

eleKtron wrote:

> as i shoud, i get the response (IE:)"Host ( appears to be
> down, skipping it." for IP's not being used and the correct response
> of (IE:)"Host ( appears to be up ... good." (and then it
> goes on with it's results for all the ports in that IP)

Since you use this in a cronjob anyway, I'd propose you perform fping over
the address room to narrow down the pool of active IPs. On these you then
perform nmap for your report.

If you want to avoid machines slipping through between fping and nmap, then
generate the given IP-range in some kind of loop and do the fping as a
decision whether or not to perform nmap on it.


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