Re: recommend Linux firewalls for non-profit

From: Kyler Laird (
Date: 04/27/03

Date: Sun, 27 Apr 2003 18:22:10 GMT

"Ginger Git" <gingergit@PleaseRemoveNOSPAM.> writes:

>but if the bridge has no IP address and therefore cannot be accessed remotly
>then there for it is secure!'d be willing to run *my* version of the bridge module?
If not, why? If it's not a potential source of weakness, you
should have no objections.

>What my point is - "If you cannot see the transpent Bridge you cannot attack
>it / reconfigure it etc" I am not talking about anything else. What part of
>that last line don't u understand??????? Would you like me to give you a
>lesson in Security?

Yes, please. I'll take the lesson on "covert channels."