Re: Dual Boot Linux - WinXP - Mod Admin Passwd for XP?

From: Kyle (
Date: 04/11/03

From: (Kyle)
Date: 11 Apr 2003 05:46:00 -0700

As I indicated in my post, the reasons I no longer have access
to Admin account are somewhat complex. I setup the box with
my account having admin privelages. I had to change the username
to that account to interface w/ a samba share on another part of
my network. When I did that, the account lost admin status. I
don't remember ever setting up an actual admin account on that
box. Was I bright about what I did? Probably not, but it was
my first experience with XP. Novices tend to make mistakes independent
of their native intellect.

The machine is mine. You can believe that or not. That is up
to you.

I known it is difficult to tell what someone's intentions are
from a post. I screwed something it, and I was hoping that
one of the smart people in this group might be able to help me.
Doesn't look like that is going to happen, though. Oh well, I may
have to drop the $200 to get the tools to reset the XP admin pw.
Such is life. You live and learn.

"Kenneth A Kauffman" <> wrote in message news:<uClla.152558$>...
> "Kyle" <> wrote in message
> > I have a dual boot PC (Linux / XP). For various
> > reasons, I can't get into the Admin account on
> > the XP side of the disk. Does anyone know of a way
> > that I can obtain/reset the admin password on the
> > XP side from the Linux side?
> >
> > I have access to root on Linux and can read the XP
> > parition.
> You should have the XP admin password. If you do not, then I'm guessing
> this is someone else's machine your trying to get in to or it was really not
> too brite losing your own admin account password. This is technically an XP
> security question and this is not a "how do I hack XP from Linux" group.
> ken k