Re: Linux Filesystem and Security of Files

From: Grahame Cooper (
Date: 04/10/03

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    From: Grahame Cooper <>
    Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2003 22:39:43 +0100

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    Christopher Browne wrote:
    > Martha Stewart called it a Good Thing
    >>I have a question. Lets sat that the root of a linux system has some
    >>files that are meant to be private. He creates a folder and puts those
    >>files in that folder. Naturally, other users cannot access these
    >>files. (Permissions are accordingly adjusted)
    >>If someone comes, opens the box, gets the hard drive and plugs it in
    >>to another machine. Would he be able to access the files? Or would the
    >>filesystem still prevent the access unless the required password (root
    >>password) is provided? (I mean logging into the system as root)
    > If someone takes out the disk drive, and connects it to another box
    > where she has root access, then the files can be read.
    > The password is irrelevant in the matter.

    To secure your discs in this manner, you need to encrypt them:

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