Re: can't get a pid on 3 udp sockets

From: Vic Abell (
Date: 04/03/03

From: (Vic Abell)
Date: 3 Apr 2003 05:56:31 -0800

ehynan@cloud9dotnet.false (Ed Hynan -- evh at ehynan dot com) wrote in message news:<>...
> FWIW, the NetBSD nfs clients ports are < 1024 (and
> don't show with lsof).

FWIAW, lsof documentation (e.g., the FAQ) is very clear on this.
If a port is not bound to an open socket file, lsof won't find it.
(After all, lsof stands for LiSt Open Files and there is no open
file.) The lsof FAQ points out that some kernels reserve ports
internally and never bind them to open files.

Vic Abell, lsof author

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