Re: I am root and can not delete a file?

From: D.C. van Moolenbroek (
Date: 03/14/03

From: "D.C. van Moolenbroek" <>
Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2003 19:32:03 +0100

"Sean W. Ellis" wrote:
> The file might be in use. run fuser [filename] to see if it is open by
> something else and kill that PID.

AFAIK, that never happens on Linux. From man 2 unlink:

"If the name was the last link to a file but any processes still have the
file open the file will remain in existence until the last file descriptor
referring to it is closed."


"EBUSY (not on Linux) - The file pathname cannot be unlinked because it is
being used by the system or another process and the implementation considers
this an error."

Besides that, EPERM and EBUSY are different errors, so they would also
generate different error messages...



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