Re: storing tripwire files on floppy

From: Ramazan Jah-Far (
Date: 03/12/03

From: Ramazan Jah-Far <>
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 03:49:01 +0200

In, Harry George wrote:
>> file (i ran it once the default method) is over 3 floppy action
>> there. Am i missing something else?
 HG> Personally, I use CD's because of that size issue:
 HG> 1. On a clean machine, build tripwire (or aide or whatever you are
 HG> using).
 HG> 2. Write the static binary to a CD. Also write the config file to that
 HG> CD.
 HG> 3. Run the baseline analysis, and put the resulting database on another
 HG> CD.

As I remember, tripwire signs database files. So if you
trust in crypt/digest algorithms it uses, you can place
database files on HDD.
In that case you will need to keep only minimal OS,
tripwire binary, config, policy and key on bootable CD
(maybe even on floppy!). Database updates on HDD will be
much more convenient.


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