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Date: 03/03/03

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    > Welcome to We ask that you please read the FAQ
    > before posting questions to the newsgroup. Otherwise: Look, listen,
    > learn, contribute, but above all, enjoy yourself and the interests you
    > share with the other denizens of the newsgroup.
    > This FAQ is intended to serve as a starting point for those new to the
    > newsgroup, but is also intended to be a survey of Linux security issues
    > and tools.
    > This FAQ is aimed at intermediate to experienced Linux users and is
    > intended to not only answer specific questions, but to also facilitate
    > further learning by providing pointers other useful security resources.
    > This introduction/pointer will be posted to
    > approximately every two weeks.
    > The latest version of this faq is 2.0, and can be downloaded from:
    Thank you.....I shall in future refer to it first before posting a question.

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