Re: Disable openssh version banner

From: retribution (
Date: 02/28/03

From: "retribution" <>
Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2003 04:29:48 GMT

really? I would've thought they would'vedone that differently so that the
version could be hidden like with most other daemons, but then I guess the
info would be in the code and would have to be made fairly obvious for
clients to be written for it, so it wouldn't have been hiding much...

"Nico Kadel-Garcia" <> wrote in message
> Dan P wrote:
> > When I telnet into my box on port 22 I get the ssh version banner. How
> > do I disable this banner, or change it to say something else, like
> > unavailable?
> Don't. That version banner communicates settings for your client SSH to
> use. There are differences between the versions in available or expected
> features.

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