Features for a monitoring tool

From: Felinux (felinux@supereva.it)
Date: 02/16/03

From: Felinux <felinux@supereva.it>
Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2003 03:19:08 GMT

Hello, world.
I am writing a C/C++ client/server monitoring tool for Linux. It's just a
hobby, and it's still on the starting grid (client and server sum up to
about 300 lines). The rough (and certainly not original) idea is: you run
the server on a host you want to remotely keep an eye on, then you run the
client on your, say, home workstation. The client will poll the server once
every N seconds (authenticating with a password) and log data sent in
response. At the moment, the password is stored in a config file on the
server and is sent clear-text by the client, but I will encrypt it in the
near future. The reason I am writing this is I have no idea what exactly
the data sent by the server should be. To get to the point(s):
1) what info do you think are REALLY critical to have a useful snapshot of
the situation of a typical server?
2) what features would YOU like to see on such a tool?

I would love to have some advice: I am really getting into this thingy and I
would like to share it with the community as soon as it gets usable (no
segfaults, no obvious vulnerabilities, encryption...)


< felinux at supereva dot it>

>From The Filesystem Hierarchy Standard:
true: utility to do nothing, successfully

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