Re: ipchains newie - wants to open up access for one computer

From: Luke Vogel (
Date: 02/02/03

From: "Luke Vogel" <>
Date: Sun, 2 Feb 2003 13:26:38 +1000

"abeeber-ibis" <> wrote in message
> Luke,
> How would I find the squence of these rules? As I said to Vlad, I can
> not seem to find the DENY and REJECT rules which I know must exist as
> I can use NSLOOKUP to resolve DNS but I can not ftp, http out from
> that subnet.
> Andrew

I'm not sure about the recent versions of RH, but I'd bet that the rules
are saved and restored on startup using the init scripts in

The save part of that startup script probably saves the rules in

What you need to do is place two rules as discussed earlier in this
thread in that data file(preferably near the top somewhere), and then
restore the rules using the init script again thereby activating the new
rule set.