netmeeting my host receives no video

From: Edwin (
Date: 01/29/03

From: "Edwin" <>
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2003 22:21:38 GMT

I need 1 host on my internal lan to run netmeeting, now it sends video but
it doesn't receive any from the opposite side.
What am i doing wrong? Can I debug this someway?

This is the part of my iptables config.

# Allow netmeeting connections
$IPTABLES -A PREROUTING -t nat -p tcp -d $INET_IP --dport 1720 -j DNAT --to
# ports for Netmeeting dynamic audio/video
$IPTABLES -A INPUT -i $INET_IFACE -p udp --sport 5000:5004 -j ACCEPT
$IPTABLES -A OUTPUT -o $LAN_IFACE -p udp --sport 5000:5004 -j ACCEPT
# ports for Netmeeting with H.245 disabled or Netmeeting users.
$IPTABLES -A INPUT -i $INET_IFACE -p tcp --sport 30000:30020 -j ACCEPT
$IPTABLES -A OUTPUT -o $LAN_IFACE -p tcp --sport 30000:30020 -j ACCEPT

greetings Edwin