Re: new user friendly linux site

From: Erik de Castro Lopo (
Date: 01/06/03

From: Erik de Castro Lopo <>
Date: Mon, 06 Jan 2003 07:14:08 GMT

vince wrote:
> hey check this out
> you can post linux question/news and more there.

Three questions:

1) How many newsgroups are you going to spam with this
   (I've seen it in at least 3 already)?
2) How often are you going to spam the newsgroups with
   this (I've seen this a couple of times over the last
3) Why in the hell would anyone want to you some poxy
   web based forum instead of usenet?


  Erik de Castro Lopo (Yes it's valid)
"When your hammer is C++, everything begins to look like a thumb."
-- Steve Hoflich in comp.lang.c++

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