Re: KTH Kerberos 4 won't compile

From: Gregory Davis (
Date: 01/05/03

From: Gregory Davis <>
Date: Sat, 04 Jan 2003 20:31:10 -0500

Tim Haynes wrote:

> You have a (gross) mismatch of ndbm requirement & provision; read through
> the ndbm.h header file for the function definition in question, see how
> many arguments & what types/names they are. Compare this with the crud
> that kerberos is flinging at it and weep. :8]


For a while I did weep. I just downgraded to db-4.0 and that did the trick.
Apparently, the function signature changed. I was hoping someone had a fix
for Kerberos to upgrade it. What the heck, I guess I could do that in my
spare time if no one else is interested; open source is great.

I was building as root, shame on me. I should know better, as concrete
evidence suggests. It might have been the KTH project's previous stable
release I'm thinking about, or maybe it was some other security/network
project, but a trojan got into a source release and was propogated through
mirrors prompting a cleanup release. Check the pgp signatures of your
tarballs! Make pgp signatures for your tarballs!