Re: Comparing encrypted passwords

From: Fredderic (
Date: 12/26/02

From: "Fredderic" <>
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 2002 04:42:43 +1000

> ]> > $1$<salt1>$<hash1>
> ]> > $1$<salt2>$<hash2>
> ]Nahh..... Just get yourself a couple years on a super computer
> ]somewhere to crank out a brute force crack of the two passwords,
> ]and see if they match.
> It will take a while longer than that for the MD5 has password which
> he is apparently using.

That's what they said about the old passwords too. If you started crunching
one of them with a brute force hack on one of the "modern" machines at the
time they that encryption scheme was introduced and with the "modern"
methods of the time, it'd probably still be going today.

Compared to a modern P IV which could probably brute force crack you entire
old-style password file inside of a day. ;)