Re: Why is login so screwed up?

From: Whoever (nobody@devnull.none)
Date: 12/14/02

From: Whoever <nobody@devnull.none>
Date: Sat, 14 Dec 2002 00:02:50 GMT

On 13 Dec 2002, Bill Unruh wrote:

> "Chuck Mendell" <> writes:
> ]I'm new to Linux. Have Red Hat 8.0 Personal. Trying and willing to learn.
> ]When I set Linux up, I gave them the root password they asked for. I also
> ]gave them a user name for myself and a password for that (different than
> ]root). I wrote them both down so I wouldn't make any errors. I registered
> ]with Red Hat and gave them a third different user name and password (They
> ]insisted). Ok, so far so good! When I booted my machine, it asked for a
> ]login with my user name, and it showed a long number, separated with
> ]hyphens, for my
> ]computer name???

Probably your DHCP client changed the hostname according to the name
returned by the DHCP server. I'll bet that the hostname is a magled form
of your MAC address. You can override this, but the precise method depends
upon the dhcp client you are using (I don't know what the default is in