monitoring tool for wireless-lan (802.11b)

From: Andree (
Date: 12/03/02

From: "Andree" <>
Date: Tue, 3 Dec 2002 19:51:02 +0100

Hello everyone,

Im a network administrator, in our netwerk weve got multiple wireless-lan
(802.11b) hosts.
I would like to monitor these hosts / network.
I think the most easy way to accomplish this, is to setup a wirreless
AcessPoint on a Linux host.
This AccessPoint is used to connect the wireless clients to the

Im particulare interested in the following information:
* IPsource addres
* Link quality of each host
* which hosts use the access point
* used frequencys
* retransmissions
 * etc...All kind of 802.11b information.

I prefere to keep on using the Accesspoint I already use (hardware
accespoint, not a linux host).
Just a linux (or freebsd) host which can listen to the 2,4Ghz frequency
would be even better!
I tried to put the wireless card (orinoco/hermes) in promiscuous mode, but
for some reason this doesnt work (I even lost connectivity with the
I also tried iwlist, this only shows local information, iwspy didnt show
I hope anyone can advise me about this case...
Im curious to find out if there are any tools to monitor/snif my wirelles

Thanks in advance