Re: ssh and firewalls

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Date: 11/28/02

From: /dev/rob0 <>
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2002 15:55:32 -0800

In article <as3k1v$2odh$>, Timothy Murphy wrote:
>>They are using telnet *client*, not telnetd. It's an important
>>diagnostic tool in many situations.
> I understood the original poster was trying to ssh _in_ to his Linux box,
> so he would presumably have needed telnetd.

IIUC they were trying to figure out why sshd wasn't working. In a case
like that, "telnet host 22" will help narrow down the cause of the
problem. I use telnet all the time to test TCP protocols.

*Real* men use "telnet news.server 119" to read and post Usenet. ;)

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