SSH sftp and Windows

From: Mario Jesmanowicz (
Date: 09/18/02

From: "Mario Jesmanowicz" <>
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 15:33:24 -0500

I want to be able to copy files from my Active Directory Network through
sftp over the Internet

This is what I have done.

1)My AD and all Windows servers are hiding behind the Checkpoint Firewall

2) I have a Linux server that has port 22 open to get into it.

3) I have SAMBA installed on it

and if people want to copy files over the Internet from our AD I want the to
use sftp to get into Linux and then mount some drives from windws servers
like smbmount //$ /temp_folder_on_linux .... The problem is
how do I allow smbmount to work for regular users and not for the root
access only. Actually I want them to log in with something like SFTP client
or winscp GUI client and then .bashrc would mount the stuff they need for
them without asking for the password since the username and password on
Linux and Windows would be the same. Is this hard? (is this possible) I am
at the point that when I log in as me and use su command I can get the
drives mounted but I have to be root and also I have to be logged in as me
and it still asks me for the password.

Any help? Also is this a secure way to get files ?