Re: Screw Linux, I'm going back to Windows!

From: Compusr129 (
Date: 08/21/02

From: (Compusr129)
Date: 21 Aug 2002 13:24:31 -0700

Andrew <> wrote in message news:<>...
> I would like a distro of Linux that is easy to install (with Windows
> on the same computer). I don't want to learn the easy to
> understand concept of partitions, such as primary, extended
> and logical. If I can't see them, they ain't there!
> I want this Linux distro to look and feel like Windows exactly.
> I want this Linux distro to be easily configured and installed
> (no brainer) like Windows.
> I want this Linux distro to be TOTALLY secure *cough like
> Windows. *wink *wink
> I want this Linux distro to be easily run with no documentation to
> read, since all those freakin' O'Reilly books are so God damn
> expensive, and the animals on the covers scare me.
> I want this Linux distro to recognize all my hardware, including
> my GeForce 4 video card. And if it doesn't I want someone to
> explain to me how to do this, since I don't want to go to the
> hardware homepage and actually do a search for the support
> page that tells me how to do this with Linux.
> I want this Linux distro to look all GUI for me, and I don't want
> to bother understanding the X Window System. Because that
> word, X Window System, makes me think of Windows and that
> gets me all excited and I get really confused.
> I want this Linux distro to come on one CD only, since Red Hat
> has like 5 ISO CDs and I'm too lazy to read the readme file to figure
> out which ones to download.
> I want this Linux distro to be easily run as a network but I don't
> want to know about any protocols, ip addressing, routers, switches,
> ipchains, iptables, or dns servers....But I consider myself an expert
> because I can telnet to a smtp server and send fake e-mail as
> I want this Linux distro to have open source software on it only,
> since closed source is evil. And I want this software to be
> completely supported by the vendor/author so I can complain
> when their free software doesn't work for me.
> I want this Linux distro to be fully supported by rpms, since .tar
> and .gz for that matter are funny to me and complicated to work
> with...and a Linux distro that doesn't require i386 and i686 stuff
> since I have a Dell.
> I want this Linux distro to be command line free. I mean, come
> on, which is it -help or --help or -h?!
> I want this Linux distro to be able to play my Windows games and
> run my Windows programs on it, and if WINE doesn't support them,
> I want to know the "secret" that all you Linux hackers know in order
> to run them. Come on, you guys know how!
> I want this Linux distro to be easily upgradeable to the newest and
> greatest kernel, even though I don't need it since I haven't installed
> any new hardware or software that isn't supported by the kernel I
> already use, and there are no known security issues with the
> current kernel I'm using...I still want to upgrade.
> I want this Linux distro to be the best distro out there, why? I don't
> know why or what I'm looking for exactly...I just want the best one
> out there....and I want it to look like Windows.
> Andrew
> postscript: Yes, I'm bored and looking to waste time. And if you
> think I'm serious or this isn't funny, then go blow monkeys.

This may be a flame, but it's for a good reason...

First of all, if you're don't want to find out everything about an os
and how it works and stuff like a hacker(not cracker) does, don't use
linux! And sometimes the latest isn't the greatest. Linux is more
secure than Windows. Windows isn't as secure obviously because you can
easily crash it. You need to read documentation...and you only need
like 1 book. You have to configure you kernel for plug and play if you
want it to autodetect your hardware and if your card isn't supported
in the kernel, cry about it, become a programmer or see if someone has
made a patch. I believe you're supposed to download the first 3 for
redhat. And redhat is a great linux company!!! And you're supposed to
get used to using a console!!!! Even when in X(X Windows), I still use
consoles/terminals...Ipchains/Iptables aren't protocols, they are a
format for filtering packets. And Redhat is fully open source, you
just don't install the source for everything cause that would take too
much space. Usually, linux does not have technical support, but you
post here when you have problems with software. It's either --help or
-h. There are also something called man/manual pages and info pages.
type info <command> or man <command>. No, we don't. We just have to
hope for the best. Microsoft released 98% documentation for Windows
when wine sued them so companies like Caldera wouldn't start making
big bucks. I consider you a newbie because you are complaining, hey
don't you know how to program in C/C++? If you don't, then get off
linux cuz linux is made in c/c++!!! Linux is not windows...IMHO(In my
humble opinion), Redhat linux is the best linux distro and Redhat is
the best linux company. And why don't you send me an email stating why
you think linux should be exactly windows.