Re: how secure is it?

From: Reiner Griess (
Date: 06/29/02

From: Reiner Griess <>
Date: 29 Jun 2002 13:45:14 GMT

In article <m36603dp7w.fsf@mobile.lan>, Ian Jones wrote:
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> Reiner Griess <> writes:
>> a friend of mine uses a hardware router to connect to the
>> internet. All ports a closed to the outer world. Are there
>> ways to attack it from the internet? What in general (hardware
>> & software routers) are the potentialities against systems providing
>> no services?
>> thanks
>> reiner
>> : i do not want to hack/crack something. it is for learning
>> purpose only.
> Well that is a good thing, because those hardware, they
> are just impossible. I have never heard of one of those bad boys being
> vulnerable to *anything* ;)
> BTW, what hardware device are you trying to crack?

It's a Draytek Vigor 2200. I found nothing usefil in the net about it.

What about software routers? Can you say, as a rule of thumb, that it
is save to simply not provide any services and you will be not
vulnerable? What are the techniques to crack such a system?

thanks and bye