Re: RedHat security

From: Ian Jones (
Date: 06/16/02

From: Ian Jones <>
Date: Sun, 16 Jun 2002 02:23:09 GMT

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Yuan Liu <> writes:

> RedHat has
> done a great job placing finesse in many aspects, but default
> privileges (and previously default network configs) were not the most
> impressive.
> For example, one user may find the box running too slow for a specific
> task and decide that the box needs a reboot. Guess what? With
> RedHat, he can.
> As the industry is touting Linux as a more secure
> system than some others, unsuspecting customers may relate this
> message to a particular (and popular) distribution and think that they
> are buying security out of the box.

If a user thinks that _any_ out-of-the-box install of _any_ OS is
"secure" because it is supposed to be that way they will be in for a
bit of an attitude adjustment...advocacy issues aside. With respect to
RH in particular - they have much more sane defaults in recent
releases than they are historically known for :)

I guess my rambling, layman's point is that if you have particular
needs you can actually fix it. If you were using any other system you
might not have that option, but because you were wise enough to choose
*our* OS you can make it right if you care to do so.

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