Re: linux virus

From: Christopher Browne (
Date: 06/04/02

From: Christopher Browne <>
Date: 3 Jun 2002 22:46:18 GMT

Centuries ago, Nostradamus foresaw when TheMartian <> would write:
> Came across this
> seems this thing can infect Linux and Windoze
> A sign of things to come or a hoax?
> Anyone seen any confirmation?

I can't see where they have actually described any vector for
transmission of the "virus."

Unless they're assuming the "trojan horse" of someone getting an email
telling them to install some new software, and blindly doing so.

   "Note that if I can get you to `su and say' something just by
   asking, you have a very serious security problem on your system and
   you should look into it." -- Paul Vixie, vixie-cron 3.0.1
   installation notes

If the "Linux community" has added to it people that are gullible
idiots prone to that, well, I suppose there will be a problem.

Those of you that can't spell gullible should probably check your

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