Re: MS SQL Server ... want a bit of a laugh? ...

From: Joe (
Date: 05/31/02

From: Joe <>
Date: Fri, 31 May 2002 20:24:46 +0100

In article <>, Luke Vogel <luke@bell-> writes
>There is a good reason for that many servers ... I cant think of it
>right now, but I'm sure there is a good reason other wise Bill wouldn't
>have wanted it that way.
>I wonder if they have to pay for a licence for each box or do they get a
>site licence for the whole thing?
>You have to remember that there is so much overhead on each server
>because of all the gui, bells and whistles, and stuff, that they
>probably cant put more than one app on each box without them bogging
>down ...
No, you were right the first time. About 500 per server plus about 20
per client *per server*. 10 servers, 100 local clients or simultaneous
internet accesses, that's 10x500 + 1000x20...

Bill can afford to give away domestic Windows, but he hates to lose
server customers. What was it that Linux is best at, again?


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