IPCHains (Locked myself out) OOops... Way around it?

From: Vladimir (vladimir@ussr.cum)
Date: 05/05/02

From: "Vladimir" <vladimir@ussr.cum>
Date: Sun, 05 May 2002 02:35:27 GMT

"Question all the way at the end:"

I wrote an IP down from *.tw for hammering a "test" server I have.

I wrote it under another IP I had. The IP I had was the actual box... (LMAO)

I added.

/sbin/ipchains -A input -j DENY -p all -l -s 65.170.xx.xxx/0 -d

I accidentally noticed later that the actual IP is / was "one of few" that I
had of the box. I know it's stupid, I laughed a little and than called
myself stupid for not recalling the ip#s.

I was too lazy to create a "cron" job script to where I reboot the box it
would flush the rules and than do a manual ipchains.rules recover command.

I can't access the box from outside and I am 1/2 way around the States to go
and check it out.

Does ipchains flush out of memory once rebooted? I can have someone from
collocation data center reboot the pc for me.

One other thing I don't understand is Ip x.x.x.20 might be blocked but why
isn't ip x.x.x.x.21 working?
I tried logging in via 2nd IP I have on the box and get access but no can
do. Nothing is working.

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