Re: nt server + iptables

From: Jason (JASON@ETC.ORG.TW)
Date: 05/02/02

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    From: "Jason" <JASON@ETC.ORG.TW>
    Date: Thu, 2 May 2002 08:53:09 +0800

    Thanks Anders,

    But I am still having problems with the packet coming from the nt4 box to
    linux box, it was the 'New Not Syn' problems, so I asked the Q to see if the
    nt4 box can match with the linux box wiht iptables.


    "Anders Larsen" <>
    > Jason wrote:
    > > The nt4 running as web and mail server lies behind the linux box
    > > firewall(iptables), will there be a problem?
    > No, that is a perfectly sensible set-up.
    > Only, you still need to keep the NT4 box up-to-date with the
    > latest security patches, since iptables can't prevent Code Red
    > and the likes from coming in.
    > Cheers
    > Anders