Using My Box to Relay Spam

From: Marshall Lake (
Date: 05/01/02

From: Marshall Lake <>
Date: 1 May 2002 14:05:29 GMT

I'm running postfix Release-20010228 on Linux 2.4.18.
It appears to me that a spammer is using my site to relay his spam to
many remote users.

The only messages that I can find that appear in any log file are in
the mail/info and the syslog files:

Apr 23 19:01:03 postfix/smtpd[20820]: connect from unknown[]
Apr 23 19:01:05 postfix/smtpd[20820]: 69A081B808: client=unknown[]
Apr 23 19:01:07 postfix/smtpd[20820]: disconnect from unknown[]

Can someone tell me or point me in the right direction to finding out
how to stop this from happening?

Marshall Lake -- --

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