Re: Unassigned ports

From: CJ (
Date: 04/03/02

From: "CJ" <>
Date: Wed, 03 Apr 2002 13:51:55 GMT

"qwertyuiop" <???@bogus.domain> wrote in message
> I meant if you try: netstat -pan --inet
> then it shows you which ports are open to the world (those marked 0.0.0.:*).
> My question is that some of the *s are actually unassigned ports and I want
> them closed. But how do you go about doing this for example your can # out
> any unwanted services in /etc/services but #ing out the unassigned ports is
> ineffective. I want to know how you really close them off for good.

Commenting out in /etc/services is considered bad practice. Services aren't
actually typically disabled when you do this, but the link to the service is.
Sounds odd, but it means that the service is still running, the box just can't
figure out how to reach it.


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