Re: setup user rights to install software

From: Tim Haynes (
Date: 03/26/02

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    From: Tim Haynes <>
    Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2002 09:13:13 +0000

    Travis Casey <> writes:

    > Tony wrote:
    >> how can i add a user to be able to install and configure apache, mysql
    >> but not make this user root?
    >> I want the user to be able to download install, and start apache, mysql
    >> with whatever username he/she chooses but do not want to give him/her
    >> root
    > Most Unix software can be set up to install under a user directory, and
    > to run as that user. However, if the user isn't root, he/she won't be
    > able to bind to port 80, so apache will have to be run on another port
    > (>1024).

    Indeed. It's probably advisable in the case of these single-port services
    to use DNAT in iptables to kick port 80 up to a local high port instead;
    alternatively, you could use an existing apache or squid instance on port
    80 proxy-passing traffic for different sites back to different high ports
    where each user's apache (or other webserver of choice) listens.


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