Re: the word "constraints" in security policy

From: Tim Haynes (
Date: 03/20/02

From: Tim Haynes <>
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 09:18:04 +0000

"Adaptrx" <> writes:

> "Tim Haynes" <> wrote in message
>> > Over to you , Tim.
>> I think my answer was less informative, albeit more subtly formulated ;8)
> Ah ! But which is the more praiseworthy goal ? To be concise and witty,
> or to be blandly destructive and yet _complete_ ? My ego requires me to
> say : the latter, o'course... But honesty would have me add : I'm not
> much for subtlety these days...
> Although I must say... If your response meant ALL THAT and was short 'n'
> sweet as well, phew !

My braincell is not powered by zlib ;)

> BTW who IS Ann Summers, and what does her catalogue have to do with Linux
> (if anything) ? NOTE I'm neither an Englishman nor any other
> English-speaking native... erm native English-speaker...

That would explain it. Let's just say there are some shops where you walk
past quickly without looking too long at the frontage - A.S. is a chain of
such things. There's probably a .com to go with it, too.

> Heh it occurs to me (now) that I even gave him (the OPer) an answer : go
> find an NT newsgroup.

Far too much like useful!


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