Re: Virus or hack that causes packet loss?? RESOLVED

From: Walter Dnes (
Date: 03/09/02

From: Walter Dnes <>
Date: Sat, 09 Mar 2002 05:32:18 GMT

On Thu, 07 Mar 2002 14:06:12 -0700, aaron, <> wrote:

> I just wanted to post a thank you to all those that responded. I
> have resolved them problem. It was in fact a reverse dns issue. I
> had to put in entries in /etc/hosts for each machine on the
> network with it's corresponding computer id. I also implemented
> a wins server. Everything works fine now. I'm still not sure
> why this became an issue in the first place but everything works
> so i'm happy. Thank you All

   A similar problem/solution. I have two linux machines behind a
router which is hooked into ADSL. When I do a weekly backup (doesn't
everybody <g>) I also ftp a copy of the backup to the second machine.
It used to be that without entries in /etc/hosts, I had to be connected
to my ISP; if I wasn't connected, ftp simply refused to work. When I
put "appropriate" entries in /etc/hosts, ftp works after a 45-second
delay (timeout ?). The weird part is that I don't ftp to a name. I
ftp *DIRECT TO AN IP ADDRESS* ( fer-cryin-out-loud.

  The only remaining question I have is, how can I get linux (RH 7.2)
to consult /etc/hosts first, rather than last ? Hopefully, that'll
get rid of the 45-second delay. Oh, I *DON'T* want to run a local DNS
server daemon.

Walter Dnes <>
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