From: bomba (uknowuluvituslag@no_spamhotmail.com)
Date: 03/06/02

From: bomba <uknowuluvituslag@no_spamhotmail.com>
Date: Wed, 06 Mar 2002 13:38:46 +0100


I'm going to install a Checkpoint FW-1 on Red Hat for my company and
I've got most things worked out from a tech perspective. The thing that
I've had trouble finding out about is, what kind of spec the server
should be running. I've found the minimum specs required, but is there
some sort of scale that exists that compares bandwidth / throughput vs.
CPU and memory?

We will have a 2Mb leased line and I'm looking at a small RAID 1 server
/ pc running 800Mhz and 256Mb RAM. I imagine this will take care of
everything nicely, but is it over-kill?