From: Qiming He (
Date: 02/01/02

From: "Qiming He" <>
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 16:13:50 -0500

Hi guys:

I am trying to see how a smurf-like ICMP broadcast flooder works (from

Both the attack and victim are Redhat Linux 7.1 boxes (kernel 2.4)
in the same subnet (

I create a broadcast file
% echo "" > bcast
and run smurf in 192.168.250 to attack
%./smurf bcast 0 1 100

(FYI: smurf.c v4.0 by TFreak
 usage: ./smurf <target> <bcast file> <num packets> <packet delay> <packet
target = address to hit
bcast file = file to read broadcast addresses from
num packets = number of packets to send (0 = flood)
packet delay = wait between each packet (in ms)
packet size = size of packet (< 1024)

I run tcpdump at (victim)
%tcpdump icmp
and get sth. like %tcpdump icmp
Kernel filter, protocol ALL, TURBO mode (575 frames), datagram packet socket
tcpdump: listening on all devices
14:26:10.668147 eth1 < > icmp: echo request
14:26:10.688147 eth1 < > icmp: echo request
14:26:10.708147 eth1 < > icmp: echo request
14:26:10.728147 eth1 < > icmp: echo request
14:26:10.748147 eth1 < > icmp: echo request

Question: Why is there no echo reply. I also checked SNMP MIB entry
It is not incremented.

FYI: I checked

ALL 0 that means I am NOT ignoring any boradcast packets
I verify it by checking
%ping -f
I do get a lot of echo replies like:
15:54:33.098147 eth1 < > icmp: echo request
15:54:33.118147 lo > > icmp: echo request
15:54:33.118147 lo < > icmp: echo request
15:54:33.118147 lo > > icmp: echo reply (DF)
15:54:33.118147 lo < > icmp: echo reply (DF)
15:54:33.118147 lo > > icmp: echo request

and SNMP-ICMP entry also incremented.

Question: whatelse do I need to do to make smurf really "works"?

many thanks

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