Re: Need your linux problem fixed?

From: jm (
Date: 01/25/02

From: (jm)
Date: 25 Jan 2002 10:01:07 -0800

At the minimum, it is unprofessional.

Peter Jones <> wrote in message news:<3c40d4ba$0$11509$>...
> ERA wrote:
> > + Hi there, having troubles with linux? I just started a new site to
> > + ask your question at. You'll get a fast response, and we're
> > + anti-rtfm (read the f[ine] manual).
> >
> > So, you don't believe in reading manuals? Some help you'll be! The
> > blind leading the blind is more likely. :-D
> I can understand the "anti-rtfm" sentiment -- for complete newbies to
> [anything] who are feeling their way around, RTFM is rather unhelpful.
> OTOH, RTFM is (and should be) a perfectly valid response to many, many
> questions that *are* answered by the manual -- although a pointer to how to
> *find* the manual is sometimes useful too... :-)
> Personally I think spoonfeeding people is a Bad Thing(tm); you learn so
> much more if you do a little thinking for yourself...
> Pete.