Re: Another bashing to a customer of smoothwall from Richard Morrell (CEO of Smoothwall)

From: Ian Jones (
Date: 01/03/02

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    From: Ian Jones <>
    Date: Wed, 02 Jan 2002 21:42:39 -0800

    Hash: SHA1 (Daniel Laizure) writes:

    > Dave,
    > If you want to see SmoothWall alive so you can play games then don't post
    > bloody stupid long support posts without (f) donating so we can survive to
    > help you.
    >> (f) I am a complete idiot, have missed something unbearably obvious,
    >> and should donate money to SmoothWall so that a trained
    >> professional can take my hand and lead me to the promised land in IRC
    >> (as opposed to donating money because it's a great product that
    >> deserves support and recognition).

    Another off-topic spam from the lovers/haters of the SW cult. Why do
    these idiots think we care?

    Comment: Keeping the world safe for geeks.

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