Re: My Redhat 7.0 has been hacked, again! Help!

From: Bill Unruh (
Date: 12/31/01

From: (Bill Unruh)
Date: 31 Dec 2001 18:24:08 GMT

In <KsXX7.8988$> "" <> writes:

]I had telnet & finger services running when this happened.
]Don't know how the hacker got in.

Probably because he sniffed your password from some other broken
machine, or because you did not change every user's password the first
time. Also probably because you did not install all of the software
updates for Redhat 7.0.

]He created a user "tty1" with uid:gid = 0:500
]touched /etc/passwd, /etc/group, /etc/shadow, /etc/gshadow and /etc/mtab

He changed much more than that. Reinstall. Save your personal stuff, on
a backup, reformat the partitions (esp the / and /usr) and reinstall.
Then after reinstall, update all the programs, change all the passwords,
and scan the restored files with
find /home -perms +6000 -ls
(or whereever your restored files were put.)

]edited the /etc/ file such that, as of today, I can't even delete
]it! (even
]after reboot!) It shows the ownership of "root/root" all right. ???????

chattr -i /etc/

]He cleaned all /var/log files and their ownership carried root/stty1

]From the Raman Noodle experience, it looks to me like a new worm attack.
]Can anyone of you help?! Thanks a lot.

Who knows but see above as to how I suspect he got in. Your job now is
to clean up. Reinstall this time. Keep up to date with security updates.
Use ssh, not telnet.

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